Midnight Skateboarders in Hong Kong

I remember this night as if it was yesterday. I’ve never been to Asia before this tour and I was extremely stoked for the trip. It was very memorable. Our hotel was next door to a Hello Kitty diner which is exactly what it sounds like. I thought about it a bit and decided to go in anyway, and yes it was understandably geared towards kids.

Really busy street with shops everywhere.

I kind of immediately felt I couldn’t order anything here and sit alone at a table here without looking like a creep so I left even though all of the food looked extremely alluring. When I was back outside me and my camera walked towards what looked like a busy shopping street. I saw a gaming store that sold playstation 4 games that I never even heard about and I felt like everybody was surprised I was there.

Skateboarders at midnight.

Skateboarders at midnight.

When it was night we saw a couple of skateboarders in a place underneath the bridge close to our hotel. It looked like the place was already closed cause the gates were closed but somehow they all still got inside. They were completely oblivious to the fact that we were kind of looking at how they were skateboarding and also photographing it but I have to say Chinese skateboarders have a wicked clothing style and are just allround cool people. The street that was so busy just 4 or 5 hours before was completely empty.

If you ever get to go to China I would recommend you don’t fall for what they call tourist traps but actually get to see how the people around your age live. It was really cool to see the way people live their lives in this huge city.